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Joseph Churchill Skinner

This severe man is my preferred ancestor. In 1833, he became the first resident pastor of the Baptist Church of a small community in New Brunswick. Rev. Skinner was not a robust man he was a person of superior mentality.


This compilation of data has been ongoing for almost two decades, utilizing my own research, other family members’ research, and data that has been ferreted out from the Internet. The time spent on various resources accessible on line has yielded a large collection of names of direct-line ancestors, and numerous descendants of these ancestors including large collateral lines.

Some families contained in these pages are very strongly documented – sources and evidences are abundant. Some other are just a collection of names and dates – they should be considered carefully.

Most lines reach back to the end of the 18th century, into mostly New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Maine, Massachusetts, and Germany.

The main goal of these pages is to establish the most complete list of descendants of Rev. Joseph Churchill Skinner (1800-1860) whose offspring is nowadays disseminated in America, Canada and Europe.

Barbara S. Mandellaub

Barbara Skinner-Mandellaub has been chief of the Nuremberg Trials Court Archives (1947 to 1949). She was in charge of transmitting the inventory list of the Trials to the International Court of Justice (The Hague, May 8, 1950).